• TV-WEB Pilot Implementation , 2.-5. June 2014., Podgorica


  • ADRIATIC IPA project Info Day
    16. May, Podgorica

Time-Frequency Analysis

The algorithms for Multimedia data processing are mostly based and derived from the general signal processing techniques, using standard transforms such as Fourier transform, Discrete cosine transform, Wavelets transform, etc. + more

Compressive Sensing

In order to bring a new perspective into the Multimedia data acquisition, compression and representation, the Compressive sensing theory and its application to Multimedia data is currently one of our most prominent research topic. + more

Digital Watermarking

During the last decade digital watermarking has become an active research area focused on digital data protection. The modern multimedia systems require powerful data protection algorithms. + more

Digital Audio

As one of the basic types of Multimedia data, the audio and speech signals processing is practiced within the Lab. The basic properties of music and speech signals are analyzed, together with the concepts of human speech production and hearing system. + more

Digital Image

Different aspects of digital image processing are conducted within our research Lab as well as a part of our professional educational activities: basic mathematical concepts behind common arithmetical, geometrical transforms, filtering and compression. + more

Digital Video

Video signals, as a specific type of multimedia data require sophisticated processing algorithms. Algorithms for compression of digital video signals are of great importance, not only for multimedia applications, but also for digital video transmission. + more

Storage and Transmission

Important educational segment of our activities is related to the storage and transmission possibilities for managing Multimedia data, with the special attention devoted to CD coding techniques. + more


Telemedicine has been considered as a new and perspective research area which uses the advantages of multimedia systems to provide efficient medical services at the distance. + more

Web Technologies

We also deal with the practical aspects of data transmission and communications, including a modern web design technologies and information systems design. + more