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Dr Irena Orovic
Dzordza Vasingtona bb
Technical faculty
VII floor
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ERSTE bank
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Multimedia and ICT Center
-Centar za multimedije i informaciono-komunikacione djelatnosti-

Multimedia and ICT center is a Non-governmental organization associated to the Laboratory for Multimedia. The main objectives and activities of the Multimedia and ICT center are related to:

  • Development and promotion of the science, research and innovation activities of public interest
  • Organzation of scientific and vocational events with the aim of raising awareness of the Montenegrin population regarding the modern and actual topics in the area of science and innovations, as well as for the wider afirmation and promotion of scientific results achieved in Montenegro
  • Fostering the development of innovation based services in Montenegro
  • Education in the field of info-communicational sector, courses seminars, workshops
  • Multimedia data processing, radio and TV production, fosterihg creativity, training for different software usage
  • Examinations, analysis and poject related to the global digitalization, tackling the digital divide, bringing the Internet and info-communication technologies everywhere regardless the therotorial and socio-economical division, (inovative digital Europe 2020, tackling digital divide)
  • Analysis and advancement of the existing ICT resources
  • ICT and Multimedia systems - pilot presentation
  • Consulting
  • Printing and Publishing activities for the purpose of science promotion and education: books, quides, user manuals, etc.